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My daughter is an incredibly grounded, normal human being. She's not going to grow up cussing and not knowing linguistics.---Courtney Love


Concordia Cognitive Science Group launched

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Linguistics Students Association (L.S.A.)
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If you are interested in an Individually Structured Program (Undergraduate) in Cognitive Science, write to Charles Reiss at reiss at alcor concordia ca (insert dots).

Mailing lists:

  • The lingmontreal email list for anyone interested in linguistics events in the Montreal area. 
  • The lingthing email list for all Concordia linguistics students or anyone else interested in our courses and events. 


Full-Time Faculty
Alan Bale
Assistant Professor
Laura Grestenberger
Assistant Professor
Mark Hale (hale1) Professor
Daniela (Dana) Isac (disac)
Associate Professor

Madelyn Kissock (mkissock)
Associate Professor

Grace Chen-Hsiu Kuo
Assistant Professor
Charles Reiss (reiss) Professor
Annette Teffeteller (teffet) Associate Professor
Postdoctoral Reseacher
Joel Dunham

INDI Graduate Students working with linguistics faculty


Conor Cook

Gabriel Gaudreault

Ricky Germain

Yulia Kondratenko

Cam Matamoros

Ivanna Richardson

Mojgan Sarabi

Taha Slime

Sigwan Thivierge

Eric Walker

Recently affiliated scholars


Degif Petros Banksira

Meredith Landman

Linnaea Stockall

Allison Kirk

Naoko Tomioka

Vanessa Taler

Heather Newell

Sunyoung Oh

Kate Riley

Ali Idrissi
Alan Yu
Chris Miller

Ida Toivonen

Susi Wurmbrand
Ileana Paul
Phaedra Royle

Mark Donohue

Other Concordia faculty with linguistics interests


Sabine Bergler (Computer Science)

Roberto de Almeida (Psychology)

Norman Segalowitz(Psychology)


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